The Colonel’s Corner (Episode 2: Hammer)

Filmed almost two years ago and thought to have perished in an unfortunate manure-truck pileup en route to A New Low Studios, The Colonel’s Corner (Episode 2: Hammer) was thought by many to be an irreplaceable treasure that would never grace the retinas of the seven pathetic dipshits that regularly check for new videos.

Coincidentally, the footage has now been placed into the sweaty hands of our filthy rotten “men upstairs” thanks to the unintentional efforts of local manure importer/oats exporter, Emmett Dobson, who found the lost episode in the mouth of one of the goats grazing upon his farmland out on ol’ County Route 6.

“Dang goat had a movie in ‘is mouf!” said Dobson, of his discovery.

The goat declined to comment.

NYC Horror Fest

Son of a Bitch: Part II has been accepted into the The Killer Shorts Film Competition at NYC Horror Fest and will be playing sometime this evening (screenings start at 4:00pm). It’s at the Meadowlands Sheraton across from Giants / Jets Stadium.

Apologies for the late notice, but if you’re in the Tri-State area today and have 8 minutes to kill, swing by and watch Sock Monkey splatter a few shitbags on the big screen!

John Holden will be there representing A New Low and handing out our colorful penis and puke stickers. Don’t be afraid to tickle him.

Blacklisted Clients: The Kyle Bernis Files

This video doesn’t exist

Wainy Days: Rochelle (Parts 1 & 2)

Watch me steal the spotlight from David Wain in Wainy Days episodes 30 & 31. I do it all–I sit, I clap, I stand, I stare! Check out more episodes at

Roommate Dudes

This l’il nugget of shit is the surprise video I unveiled after Bella Morte’s performance at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY two weeks ago. All you out-of-towners that couldn’t make it up to the show (and all you local shitbags that sat around grinding your pud into the carpet instead of going out) can finally see what all the fuss was about. Enjoy…

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Animation Theatre

The fifth episode of our podcast went live early this morning. It took awhile for this one to come out…but, as promised, it’s ALL NEW material!

Animation Theatre is a clip from the new movie, and it’s preceded by a (podcast exclusive) ‘behind-the-scenes’ account of just what it took to get this episode in the hands of the public.



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