Son of a Bitch: Part II premiere / Bella Morte

Photos by Ryan Gee

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Study Time

If you were somehow unaware of this, you’ve been living under a hunk a’shit the likes of which only could’ve come from a massimo Lentini. Still, I gotta mention it, because up until now it’s hasn’t been acknowledged on this website…

…the second teaser from A New Low 2 (the first being the acclaimed, and often times banned, Animation Theatre), this time an outtake entitled “Study Time,” is online…and as of my posting this, has garnered just under 20,000 views on YouTube! Hot damn, fuckface!

“As the Reasons Die” CD release show

On Saturday, John Holden, Sam, Yetti and myself attended Bella Morte’s CD release show in New York City.

Bella Morte get gnarly in N.Y.C.

The new songs are so good live, you’ll shit your ass! If you ever have the chance to see Bella Morte at the Albion/Batcave, do it. Next time I’m there, I’m handing my camera to someone else so I can slamdance with the goth kids.

It’s an 18+ club, so Sam got kicked out as soon as Bella Morte finished their set. I went outside to find him and he was hanging out with a homeless guy.

Sam gets gnarly in N.Y.C.

If you don’t have a copy of “As The Reasons Die”, get off your dick and BUY IT already! It’s fucking incredible. I can’t imagine there’ll be a better album released this year.

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