Blood Death AGAIN

After being banned in over 319 countries, the controversial sequel to BLOOD DEATH has finally landed a distribution deal in the U.S. This presentation of BLOOD DEATH AGAIN is uncut, uncensored and unforgiving…you’ve been warned. #instagrindhouse

Blood Death

For my very first Instagram Video, I teamed up with Chinese actor, Jian Jun, and pounded out 15 seconds of sleaze n’ schlock straight outta the #instagrindhouse. I give to you…BLOOD DEATH.

Thanks for Voting!

The polls are closed. We ended up in 19th place out of 223. Now the band combs through the top videos and chooses a winner.

To all of our voters: THANK YOU.

To all of the people who spread the word or shared a link: A REALLY BIG THANK YOU.

To those of you who annoyed all of your friends, family and coworkers by texting, calling, tweeting, sending out private messages and backing them into a corner: A REALLY REALLY BIG THANK YOU.

To those who couldn’t vote due to technical difficulties: your vote was there in spirit and I certainly THANK YOU for your efforts.

To those of you who were going to vote until you got paranoid because “the video site wanted all of my personal information”: it’s 2013, is this really the first time you’ve ever seen that COMMON Facebook login disclaimer that’s there for your convenience?? Furthermore, if you’re fearful of your personal information being misused, why the hell did you ever sign up for FACEBOOK in the first place?

To those of you who couldn’t be bothered to vote: your crotch is going to rot completely off from a severe case of syphilis found only in the lamest and/or laziest of human beings. I hope it’s painful.

Thanks again for putting up with my ’round the clock social network “spamming” and nagging texts. Wish us luck in the next round!

IMPORTANT Public Service Announcement!

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with voting for our new short film (*)

*UPDATE: the polls are closed.


Our NEW horror/comedy short is out and it NEEDS YOUR VOTES (votes prevent syphilis, gonorrhea and acne!) also, it’ll help us win a contest. Watch and VOTE for us here!*

*UPDATE: the polls are closed.

Sex, Drugs & Violence title sceneSex, Drugs & Violence sock monkey
Sex, Drugs & Violence Sasha n RedSex, Drugs & Violence cliffSex, Drugs & Violence sock monkey axeSex, Drugs & Violence axe death

NYC Horror Fest

Son of a Bitch: Part II has been accepted into the The Killer Shorts Film Competition at NYC Horror Fest and will be playing sometime this evening (screenings start at 4:00pm). It’s at the Meadowlands Sheraton across from Giants / Jets Stadium.

Apologies for the late notice, but if you’re in the Tri-State area today and have 8 minutes to kill, swing by and watch Sock Monkey splatter a few shitbags on the big screen!

John Holden will be there representing A New Low and handing out our colorful penis and puke stickers. Don’t be afraid to tickle him.

Interview with Indie MediaCast

In mid February, Taem, J.Ho and I went down to ConNooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee to promote A N’ L Lies (available here for only $8.50!) and appear as extras in Lloyd Kaufman‘s Bella Morte music video. After the shoot, Jeremy Atkins of Indie MediaCast sat us down to discuss the new DVD, Bella Morte and ConNooga 2010.

…and I must say, the three of us give an extremely professional interview.

A New Low Films- These guys ARE low

Sunday, February 21, 2010

IMC had the pleasure, or displeasure depending on how you feel about depravity. A New Low is an independent film company based out of NY. Lies (ANL demo dvd) apparently toppled even Lloyd Kaufman’s iron gut.

These guys are sick, vile and disgusting, and also some of the best party copilots one could have at a convention.

Keep a look out for A NEW LOW’s brand of horror cinema and buy every NEW LOW piece of merchandise you see. Why?! So that we can keep them off the street and most likely off of your daughter.

Check out Indie MediaCast or stream the interview here:

Study Time

If you were somehow unaware of this, you’ve been living under a hunk a’shit the likes of which only could’ve come from a massimo Lentini. Still, I gotta mention it, because up until now it’s hasn’t been acknowledged on this website…

…the second teaser from A New Low 2 (the first being the acclaimed, and often times banned, Animation Theatre), this time an outtake entitled “Study Time,” is online…and as of my posting this, has garnered just under 20,000 views on YouTube! Hot damn, fuckface!