Few of you will remember the first A New Low video revealed to the public. It was a short compilation of late-October mischief, pranks, gross-out gags, and gratuitous nudity we called HALLOWIENER. We premiered it at a Halloween party in Horseheads, NY on October 26th, 2002—a party made legendary by Tony Shaddock and his brilliant costume: a half-mask, a bowtie, and nothing else.TonyEricWil-102602b HALLOWIENER was later spruced up and became part of A New Low 2, which was shown to a capacity crowd at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY on December 20th, 2006. The bit made its third public showing alongside the premiere of Son of a Bitch: Part II, also at The Haunt in Ithaca, this time on October 15th, 2010.

Since tradition seems to land HALLOWIENER in the public eye once every four years…and given it’s been four years since its last appearance…it only made sense to finally give it a long overdue residency on the internet—and just in time for Halloween.

So, make sure your parents/employers/children/stuffed animals aren’t paying attention…because if the MPAA ever sat down n’ stroked their shafts to this li’l gem, they’d agree (halfway through a satisfying group orgasm) that it deserves a solid R rating.

Happy Hallowiener!

Son of a Bitch: Part II premiere / Bella Morte

Photos by Ryan Gee

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NEW DVD “A N’ L Lies” out now!

Duff McKagen of Guns N’ Roses once referred to their G N’ R Lies EP as “a half-assed mini album”…a sentiment so parallel to my feelings toward our latest DVD, it called for a blatant homage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not popping a squat, spreading hole and shitting all over the hard work that went into making this thing…but the truth is, this DVD, from its conception, was only intended to be a little something to bridge the gap between A New Low and the eventual DVD release of 2006’s A New Low 2.

A N’ L Lies is a collection of material from A New Low (College Dudes / Wil vs Car / Cow Urine / Son of a Bitch), A New Low 2 (Yetti vs Taem / Denim Dudes / Animation Theatre), a TBA future release (Roommate Dudes / Pre-Gamin’ with Carlos & Ray Ray), internet-only material (Study Time / Lock, Pog and a Few Smoking Barrels), music videos (Bella Morte’s “On The Edge” and “Find Forever Gone”) and a bonus segment (Comatose Yetter) originally solicited by Mtv producers, and later rejected because it was “too hardcore” for their pansy, G-rated show, Pranked.

We’re offering a special price through the website: only $8.50 (including tax + shipping)…so order one or twelve while you’re here!

Uzi Suicide.

Last night I Googled “A New Low 2″…

“Last night, I dragged happicow to a Bella Morte concert at The Haunt.

In lieu of an opening band, they instead premiered A New Low 2 before the show. If you think Viva La Bam is super high-culture, you’d probably dig this film a bunch; but personally I just don’t get the appeal of teabagging or vomiting on your friends.”



Study Time

If you were somehow unaware of this, you’ve been living under a hunk a’shit the likes of which only could’ve come from a massimo Lentini. Still, I gotta mention it, because up until now it’s hasn’t been acknowledged on this website…

…the second teaser from A New Low 2 (the first being the acclaimed, and often times banned, Animation Theatre), this time an outtake entitled “Study Time,” is online…and as of my posting this, has garnered just under 20,000 views on YouTube! Hot damn, fuckface!

injured list

The 9 at HHS claimed my ankle today. I’ll be out for the rest of the season and sans skate footy in A New Low 2. Serves me right for waiting til the last minute.

I know you’ll all miss my finger flips, bonelesses and other 1985 stylings.

ETC’s right ankle
1980-2006 R.I.P.


Happy Zero-Five!

Wil came up for new years…we spent most of the time shooting his stuff for the next video.

He’s back in Virginia now and the rest of us couldn’t be happier. The night he left, there was a huge “good riddance” celebration in Hanover Square.

Not everyone hates Wil…they just can’t stand it when he does stupid shit like come home to visit. Now that we’re rid of him the rest of the year should be smooth sailing.