Current Mysteries- Halloween Edition

Happy Hallowed Ween boys and ghouls.
Here is a new episode that happens to be rather festive for this time of year.

“Ghosts, We Need To Know If They Do Exist”

-Dr John Holden


Current Mysteries: Season 2, Episode 2 “Headhunters”

Season 2 is upon us. Sorry for the delay, folks…the United States government is doing everything they can to put a muzzle on Current Mysteries. It’s making our production difficult…but we will persevere. Why? Because the truth is out there…and they can’t keep it covered forever.

Now, brace yourself for the episode they didn’t want you to see…


-John Holden

Current Mysteries: Season 2, Episode 1 “Masked Phantoms”

School is almost over, so shut your history book and take a mystery look…

I mean there is something new, or preferably current.

The long awaited second season of Current Mysteries is finally here.

For your viewing pleasure and safety, I bring you “Masked Phantoms.”

“Current Mysteries” Season 2 Trailer—and Contest Info!

I am pleased to announce that season two of Current Mysteries is about to begin.

The large staff of researches on the show are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity: suggest a Current Mystery in the comment section that you would like to see investigated on the show. Our team of judges will chose one to air during this upcoming season. The winner will also receive a VHS copy of season one (shipping and handling not included).

This is gonna be one of the greatest summers, you guys.
-John Holden

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Planet of Time

It was made in a different time, the future (2034 to be exact), when the Crew of Space Assault 203 led by Lieutenant Kenyan, Lazer and lovable Horse Chalmers went on a fantastic voyage through galaxies and TIME. The film I’m referring to was introduced in 2004 and won over audiences young and old by showing them a glimpse of the distant future. For the first time in internet science fiction format, I bring you Planet of Time.

John Holden

Current Mysteries: Episode 1 “Fire Truck Mystery”

To start things off firmly, I’m pleased to announce that I finally figured out the password to the website. This means I’ll be sneaking in a few words, as well as videos (new and old) for all of your entertainment. I know many of you who are familiar with our award winning films over the years, ( A New Low, Planet of time, etc.) may find this new approach towards a dramatic, action-filled, television series to be quite different. I can assure you, their will be many more video nasties and comedic tickles coming soon.

Enough ranting… without further ado, I present Current Mysteries.


John Holden

P.S. Bye, thanks for stopping by.