“Current Mysteries” Season 2 Trailer—and Contest Info!

I am pleased to announce that season two of Current Mysteries is about to begin.

The large staff of researches on the show are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity: suggest a Current Mystery in the comment section that you would like to see investigated on the show. Our team of judges will chose one to air during this upcoming season. The winner will also receive a VHS copy of season one (shipping and handling not included).

This is gonna be one of the greatest summers, you guys.
-John Holden

see also:
Current Mysteries: Episode 2 “Night Stalkers”
Current Mysteries: Episode 1 “Fire Truck Mystery”

14 thoughts on ““Current Mysteries” Season 2 Trailer—and Contest Info!

  1. I heard a deep rumor that Carl Holden starts production on Anger Management 3 with actor Billy Crystals this summer. I should check that tape. Let me put it this way: You provide shipping, I’ll do the handling.


    • Is From Space REALLY going to release more buttons, shirts, stickers and embroidered backpacks before releasing a single finished song?

      • From Space changed their name to Yetti and the Trashcan Punx. They stopped not releasing songs about robot hookers on Neptune and now they’re keepin’ it real by not releasing gutter anthems about life in intercity back alleys. But I won’t take them seriously as a band until they release a full-color calendar, silkscreened boxer shorts, cell phone cases and jelly bracelets. MERCH FAST, DIE YOUNG!!!

      • I heard Jerry Only played bass for From Space on their split 7″ with Total Chaos, but he’s credited as Ketchup Only.

      • Laugh it up, assholes. But just wait til mom lets me order more buttons. YOU’LL ALL BE SORRY.

      • The only advice I could give another starting out DIY band that plays there own material. Be absolutely prepared to hit a brick wall every fucking day.

  2. Is the Earth actually round? A lot of research could go into this because if the world really was round water would fall out of the bottom of it.

  3. What ever happend to predictability?
    The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V
    You miss your old familar friends, but
    waiting just around the bend.

    …wait. do i get disqualified from contest ‘cuz i’m contributor too?

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