A New Low’s Top Search Engine Terms

These were the top search terms that led people to anewlow.net yesterday.

To the best of my knowledge, anewlow.net offers none of these things…however, we’re this close to getting an Indian girl to spread ass.

I get the feeling we have a lot of unsatisfied customers around here. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, I’m sorry, I cannot issue a cash refund…but If you’ve held onto your receipt, I can give you store credit, or offer an even exchange. Here at anewlow.net, we have a wide assortment of shitting guys, guys shitting and, why settle for pics…we’ve got guy shitting videos! For those of you looking for Propagandhi tweets, I scrounged up 140 characters from their song, The State Lottery:

Does it seem strange to you? The confetti/the balloons/the mile-wide grins/the victory dance to welcome in the heir to a state of disrepair?

If it’s really the shittin’ girls you came for…hang in there. We get new product every week, but we never know what the warehouse is going to ship us. The best advice I can give you is: keep coming back and hopefully we’ll have some in stock the next time you’re here.

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