3 thoughts on “Toby n’ Deric #8

  1. I’m a fan of some of your Anewlow goofs and spoofs. However, most of your creations cross the boundaries of homosexual and really fucking homosexual. In pornography magazines there are some cartoons and funnies. You all would make a fortune if you sold your comic ideas to a gay magazine. I think I speak for many when I say that when looking for funnies or jokes, one does not want to see a grown man peeing in a cup or rubbing someone’s shit on your face and using it as shaving cream. If your looking for exposure you could all just make a shit on each other movie! That would really be the talk of the town. Unfortunately, then you will just be labeled as those guys who shit on each other on the internet, making mom and dad really proud! Keep up the good work Anewlow cast, and make sure to get a VD exam at least twice a month, (your producer should pay for them).

    • Hi, Jeffy. Thanks for the feedback. If you’re having trouble enjoying our entire body of work, maybe you should 86 the homophobia and, perhaps even more importantly, seek a professional to help guide you through the insecurities you seem to be having with manhood. It can be a struggle, I’m sure. Best of luck to you!

  2. I also appreciate your feedback, Jeffy, but would have to wholeheartedly agree with my associate and even expand upon his rebuttal. Not only should you can the homophobia, being it’s 2011 an’ all, but maybe study up on exactly what homosexuality is. A grown man, dressed in a police uniform, peeing in a cup most certainly does NOT constitute homosexuality. It was merely juvenile word-play on the word “copy”. The joke was a cop peeing. The visual does provide a certain level of elementary humor, and “I think I speak for many when I say that” PENISES ARE FUNNY!! However, I do believe one thing people definitely don’t want to see is a grown man going by the name Jeffy after age 5.
    In response to you referring to us using shit to shave as homosexual… How the FUCK do you figure that??? I know a large chunk of Gays and Lesbians and have never once seen or heard of any of them rubbing shit on their faces. I believe Fecalpheliacs were the group you meant to target there. Regardless, that sketch is disgustingly hilarious and took a lot of balls for Eric to do it. I know sitting on a computer, dogging people and their hard work seems brave, especially without a picture to associate to your actual human self with, but quite frankly, Jeffy, you are a small-minded pussy and if you expect anyone here at Anewlow to respect your opinion, grow a pair and show your true identity as you are slaggin’ other people. Otherwise, take all that energy and make your own damn comic. Show us what “funny” is. Pretty please with man on man butt-sex on top!?!?

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