New Videos Premiering at The Haunt in Ithaca October 15th

Yep…new AN’L videos, Bella Morte, booze, slamdancing, Taekwondo battles in the parking lot and enough farts in the air to kill an aluminum foil-clad gerbil (there will be a herd of futuristic war gerbils in attendance).

Here’s the press release:

The filmmakers behind “A New Low” have been overstepping the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior and good taste for over ten years now. Their controversial library of pranks, sketch comedy, gross-out gags, skateboarding & reckless behavior has garnered a lot of negative publicity, banned DVDs and PTA protests…yet, also piqued the interest of established industry peers, allowing them to have worked with the likes of (let the name dropping begin) Tom Green, David Wain, Bam Margera, Kevin Smith and Lloyd Kaufman…as well as the opportunity to direct three of headlining band, Bella Morte’s, music videos.

They return to The Haunt on the 15th to celebrate (or, more specifically, capitalize) on the release of Jackass 3D. So, grab a drink, tip your bartender and laugh ’til you puke (or puke ’til you laugh?) at the video shorts they’ve whipped up for the Halloween season…and wish a happy birthday to A New Low alumni, Tony Shaddock and Sam Lisi, while you’re at it.

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