A New Low stickers!

Are you looking to vandalize cop cars* and get yourself shoved out of Guido bars for soliciting “gay porn”** by bros who: wear sunglasses indoors at night, always lean to the right/make the same face when posing for pictures and have monikers like “Rockstar J. Vegas,” “Fishboy B.” and “DeRTy Ka$h” (pictured below)? If so…boy, do I have the solution for you!

Introducing the A New Low sticker pack! These colorful depictions of popular A New Low segments, “Yetti vs Taem” and “Denim Dudes,” feature original artwork by Consolidated Skateboards artist and ambassador of Toilet Town, Alexander Duke, and are sure to get a rise out of all the squeamish, steroid-poppin’ homophobes in your life. You can have both stickers for only one buck by clicking HERE.

*This is not an insistence, nor a suggestion…slap these l’il vinyl adhesives around town at your own risk.
**True story. We were kicked out of D’Jais-wannabe bar, The Colosseum in Scranton, PA, after handing out a few stickers. “These are the guys selling gay porn…” was heard as we were muscled out the door by a pseudo-Italian bouncer/Jersey Shore incarnate.

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