NEW DVD “A N’ L Lies” out now!

Duff McKagen of Guns N’ Roses once referred to their G N’ R Lies EP as “a half-assed mini album”…a sentiment so parallel to my feelings toward our latest DVD, it called for a blatant homage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not popping a squat, spreading hole and shitting all over the hard work that went into making this thing…but the truth is, this DVD, from its conception, was only intended to be a little something to bridge the gap between A New Low and the eventual DVD release of 2006’s A New Low 2.

A N’ L Lies is a collection of material from A New Low (College Dudes / Wil vs Car / Cow Urine / Son of a Bitch), A New Low 2 (Yetti vs Taem / Denim Dudes / Animation Theatre), a TBA future release (Roommate Dudes / Pre-Gamin’ with Carlos & Ray Ray), internet-only material (Study Time / Lock, Pog and a Few Smoking Barrels), music videos (Bella Morte’s “On The Edge” and “Find Forever Gone”) and a bonus segment (Comatose Yetter) originally solicited by Mtv producers, and later rejected because it was “too hardcore” for their pansy, G-rated show, Pranked.

We’re offering a special price through the website: only $8.50 (including tax + shipping)…so order one or twelve while you’re here!

Uzi Suicide.

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