Hoppy, the Deep-Sea Diving Wonder Bunny

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    This burrito ain’t gonna eat itself…
    Venomous snake preying on defenseless mouse.
    the bear claw
    “Black Dudes: Dong or Dung?”
    Lock Ness Monster sighted just East of Horseheads!

12 thoughts on “Hoppy, the Deep-Sea Diving Wonder Bunny

    • You pesky villagers…always trying to chase me out of town with your torches and “PHOTOSHOP!!” accusations. Much like the “witches” your kind burned at the stake centuries ago, you have me all wrong. I can barely navigate MS Paint, let alone Photoshop.

      Now, I’m not denying I manipulated the subject matter in some way, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: the alterations weren’t done digitally…

  1. Anders, if you think it’s Shopped you obviously haven’t seen the new dvd “Lies” or anything involved with anewlow.. do your research ya’ dummy

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s obvious that I wasn’t addressing you there, Blaine. You don’t know me at all, so why are you talking about me? I think it’s sad that your life is so menial and uneventful that you spend your free time insulting people you’ve never even spoken a sentence to. Pitiful… Oh, and I’m preeeeetttyy sure I look better than you. Bunny teeth and all.

  3. You’re right “Victor.” You do look better than me. Scars and all. Because every guy thinks you are “the most beautiful girl,” yet you CAN’T get a guy. You are a physchotic whore who can’t satisfy a man!

    OH!! And “pretty” should not have contained all those extra letters in your not so witty reponse, RETARD!!!!!

    • First of all, thanks for that compliment–that’s sweet that I’ve been described as the most beautiful girl. Also, once again bitch, you’re talkin’ like you know me, such a nasty habit. And I can’t satisfy a man? Haha, Aren’t you like a virgin still?

      I appreciate your attempt to correct my english, however, I put the letters there intentionally. Oh, and let’s not talk about intelligence I’m sure it’s a sensitive subject for you. Beauty school is a good way to go when you’re lacking in that area.

  4. No man has said those words about you. You, in a fit of rage described yourself. You don’t remember? That’s because you’re a beer slut, got drunk and BALLED your eyes out because NO ONE likes you. If you have such confidence in yourself, why does one slice her wrist? A M A N D A B L A I N E -carve that in your arm, BITCH!

    Ya see darling, beauty school is my gift to those that look like you. I want to help others, who aren’t blessed with my good looks, obtain some sort of an acceptable appearance.

    *And, I’ve had cock penetrated DEEP [like the cuts on your wrist] into my vagina. No virgin here!!

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