white guy vs black guy

A lot of people have asked me for details of the fight in A New Low, the one in which an afro’d black male smashes some white boyz head into a parked car…

Who was it?
What happened?
When was this?
Where was this?
Why were they fighting?

Honestly, I don’t know all the details myself. I was at a “Fuck Those Dudes” anti-X Games party in Philly. People were drunk, and those two people decided to go outside and bleed on each other. That’s all I know.

Typically, this is where the concerned inquiry shifts from “who, what, when, where and why??” to “wait…’anti-X Games’?? I thought you were a skateboarder??” This is always difficult for me to explain without going on a cynical tangent, or lecturing them on why it upsets me to see shitty corporations urinating logos all over something that I truly love.

…luckily, I no longer have to. Dave Carnie just posted an article on Jackass World that he’d originally written for Big Brother in 2002, explaining (in greater detail than I could ever give) why the X Games suck, the story behind “Fuck Those Dudes,” the event itself…and even makes a brief mention of (but offers no further insight on) the same fight so many of you have seen in A New Low.

It’s a good read, quite funny and has a fine assortment of Carnie-isms…particularly “switch-rad,” which I’m surprised never caught on, and consequently, I’m stealing for my own use. Fuck that dude.



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