Jefferson Foxfire

Jefferson FoxfireBrothers Reev & Miles Jefferson are responsible for some of the most memorable music of the late 70’s. They performed in sold out arenas the world over and their songs You’ll Have To Get Through Me First, Berkowitz and New York Sunset, Milwaukee Sunrise both debuted at #1 on Billboard charts.

They parted ways in September 1984, letting international fame and fortune slip through their fingers after releasing their respective mediocre solo efforts.

Jefferson FoxfireWhen Reev died of a drug overdose in late 1986, his reclusive brother Miles came out of hiding to help compile Jefferson Foxfire Greatest Hits.

The project was cancelled by record label execs soon after its completion, due to public outrage over several remarks Miles made to Rolling Stone–including claims that he enjoys physically abusing prostitutes, and an apparent racist vendetta against rising star Emmanuel Lewis.

Over a decade had passed when popular college radio act September Morn called upon Miles to produce his self titled debut album. Though September Morn was generating a huge buzz due his involvement with the soundtrack of underground cult video classic, A New Low, the album was shelved by the record label indefinitely…once again due to it’s involvement with the undeniably talented, yet controversial Miles Jefferson.

Miles, once again discouraged by the industry that built him up and broke him down three times over the passed two and a half decades, went back into hiding…and hasn’t been heard from since.

However, in our time spent with Miles during the September Morn sessions, we got our hands on a promo copy of Greatest Hits. In order to help preserve the legacy of one of the greatest, albeit underrated, bands of the 70’s, we’ve decided to share with you Jefferson Foxfire‘s hit single, You’ll Have To Get Through Me First, Berkowitz. The song, originally released in July of 1978, has been digitally remastered and sounds better than ever!

To hear the song, check out Jefferson Foxfire‘s site on

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