The Emergence of a New Evil…

Thanks to everyone who came to The Haunt last night. If you pussied out, you missed a fresh almighty.

Bella Morte put on two great shows, but the real excitement came right before their second performance when DJ Wilhelm K spun “Fury Of Witch” for the first time ever…thus introducing the unsuspecting crowd to MURDERMORE. During the song, a riot broke out, 4 people were killed and Bella Morte were beneath their merch table, stacked one on top of another in the fetal position, whimpering, begging for a peaceful end to the violence and insanity. However, much to their credit, they took the stage directly after the song finished, played a few chanties, got their money and escaped with their lives.

Though they sloppily rushed through the set, it wouldn’t have mattered if they played the best show of their lives…MURDERMORE is an impossible act to follow, and the bottle-heaving crowd clearly wanted more Murder and less Morte.

No one knows where the CD single came from, or what to expect next. Just watch your back, there’s no telling when they’ll strike again…

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