September Morn signs to A New Low

From the ashes of Sacred Realm comes September Morn, the latest and possibly greatest addition to A New Low’s small yet promising record label. After watching his Sacred Realm bandmates sacrifice themselves to the dark overlord Scott Service in 1989, September Morn took off to the roaring metropolis of Elmira, NY where he was to begin working on his solo album. After more than a decade of writing and scrapping literally hundreds of songs, he finally discovered his niche when he was exposed to acoustic post punk kingpins Dashboard Confessional and Bright Eyes. Blending his new found love for these bands with his black metal roots, he acquired a new sound that many are calling ingenius. Some are even calling him the next Ronnie James Dio.

Whatever your opinion of him, keep in mind: a year of your life cannot go by without a SEPTEMBER MORN.

Listen to September Morn’s first two singles right here!

“Wild Child”

“Dragon’s Fire”

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