Reckon For A Dream Brings the House Down

In what will likely go down as one of the biggest events in rock music history, sonic powerhouse Reckon For A Dream rocked the socks completely from the feet of everyone at Just One More last night. In their debut performance the three-man adrenaline rush pounded their message of positive energy and love for your fellow man through the ears and straight to the hearts and minds of the sellout crowd.

“I was so totally blown away, I actually cried. Is there a fan club yet? Their music touched me so deeply, I just want to tell them to ‘Rock on!’” -Brett

“Who would’ve imagined such cute and clearly sensitive, introspective guys could wail like that. So long Pearl Jam, there’s a new band in town!” -Dom

The unprecedented rocking was nearly upset by the jealous, crybaby machinations of the self-proclaimed “lord and master” of the Bath music scene, the hypernasally-endowed Graham. Upon realizing just how amazing RFD’s performance was and fearing his tiny local stream of attention would quickly dry up, the dastardly grocery bagger seized the opportunity to cut power to the band in mid-song. Graham, described by friends and family as “pretty gay” and “basically a dick”, had this to say:

“Dude, I hate people with more talent than me, especially when they come to my town and rub it right in my face, especially when I invite them to even! [Short pause to snort coke] It’s like, fuck those guys, I’ve got my own band and we’re gonna rock way harder than those dummies! It’s called… umm… Thinkin’ ‘Bout A Dream… yeah… and we’re gonna be really rocking and screamo and all the guys will love me! Uh, did I say guys, cause I like, meant girls. [More coke snorting, followed by groans and a fainting spell].”

Not surprisingly, the actions of one psychotic little man couldn’t mar the indelible impression that RFD had left on their new fans, who carried the band triumphantly on their shoulders out to their tour bus. If this is any indication of the future, the sky appears to be no limit for Reckon For A Dream. The bands debut album is expected later this spring.

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