The Band of the New Millenium

No doubt you’ve already heard the buzz. A band so new and raw even they don’t know what to expect from themselves. I’m talking of course about Reckon For A Dream. This Horseheads trio hasn’t even played for the general public yet, but a few leaked demo tracks have already drawn comparisons to everything from Joy Division to Hüsker Dü, the Dead Kennedy’s to Nirvana.

“Word on the street is, these guys really know how to thrash.” -Axl Rose

“Imagine if Frank Black and Fat Mike joined Twisted Sister and then Trent Reznor attacked the band with a chainsaw.” -Maximum Rock & Roll

“It’s like everything every hardcore singer was ever trying to say, only it doesn’t sound so, you know, idiotic.” -Some fat smelly guy outside CBGB

“They got more ‘tude than the ‘Nuge!” -Ted Nugent

You’ve heard the rumors, now hear the music. Next Saturday, February 16th, RFD will play it’s first show in the music mecca of Bath, NY at the area’s hottest nightclub, Just One More. Tickets are going fast and space is limited, so act now.

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