Humane Society proclaims Eric Thomas ‘Man of the Year’!

On the way home from his girlfriends house late last night, Eric found 3 kittens cuddled up in the middle of the street. “They seemed rather star struck when I introduced myself, they just sat there staring at me, shaking nervously” he told reporters. Encouraged by the thought of 3 young fans that don’t even fit the current age demographic of a new low’s ever expanding fan base, he took pity on their situation, and gave them a free nights room and board at the world renown Craven Inn. “In the morning, however, I’m going to have to take them to the S.P.C.A. So if you’re looking for a kitten, they’ll have 3 new additions tomorrow: one of them is off-white with grey ears, one’s black and white, one’s straight black, and all 3 of them have bright blue eyes…oh yeah, and they’re tiniest things that you’ve ever seen. Help give the l’il kitty’s a good home.”

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