Drew released from prison / updates page

“What?!? No 1999 year in review??” That’s right you fucking cock suckers, because 1999 was exactly like 1998…I got in a few car accidents, I got fired a few times, I dyed my hair a few different colors, & I shit myself once or twice. If you’re looking for my movie & cd picks of ’99, here ya go:

top movies (no particular order)…

American Pie
Blair Witch Project

top cd’s (again, in no particular order)…

Showoff “s/t”
Blink 182 “Enema Of The State”
A.F.I. “Black Sails In The Sunset”
Short Music For Short People
FenixTX “s/t”

I updated the upcoming cd’s section, I’ll probably update the news sometime this month & perhaps I’ll scan some more pictures for y’all to jerk off to…you never know, I mean this is the year 2000 & I’m awfully busy with my hoverboard, my aluminum sweatpants, and my robot friends Z-56 & X-90.


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