Canadians, listen up

I have spent the past 2 days in Toronto…why don’t you Canadians have supermarkets?? Shit, Toronto had about 25 really good record stores, too many beauty shops & approximately 20 titty bars…but NO supermarkets! If you’re hungry you’re forced to buy a bag of Ketchup flavored potato chips at 7 Eleven or get ripped off at a fast food joint named after an American cartoon caracter.

What do you call that fake looking money?? Canadian dollar bills look like the Play Money that I used to carry around in my wallet when I was 8. And using coins for 1 & 2 dollar bills…that’s fucked up, you constantly have a pocket full of big ass coins that you lose everytime you sit down.

And why in Gods green name are your billboards all rounded??

The next time I see a Canuck I’m gonna be real mouthy to the piece of trash.

Threaten me & tell me you hate me here.


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